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Upcoming One-day Tournaments in Seattle:

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Portland, OR

The Portland Club hosts one-day tournaments almost every month. Some are club tournaments (1/3 rated) and others are open-rated (fully rated). Check the Portland Club website for details.

  • one-day tournament   :   Saturday, October 14th 2017
  • one-day tournament   :   Sunday, November 12th 2017
  • one-day tournament   :   Saturday, December 16th 2017

Tacoma, WA   :   28 October 2017

Evans Clinchy is directing a one day Collins-only Tournament in Tacoma.
Complete details on the NASPA Tournament Calendar and see who's signed up so far.

Victoria, BC   :   28-29 October 2017

Tiles from the Crypt Halloween Scrabble Tournament
14 rounds, TWL

Tournament details and who's signed up

Other Tournaments

For a complete list of upcoming tournaments in North America, check one of:

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Local Tournaments | Nearby Tournaments | Other Tournaments | Previous Tournaments

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