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Upcoming Seattle Tournaments

Portland-Seattle Interclub Challenge Tournament   :   1 October 2023

Date :   Sunday, October 1st
Check-in :   9:30AM (play starts promptly at 10:00)
Location :   Virgil R Lee Community Building, 221 SW 13th Street, Chehalis, Washington 98532

Format :   7 games Modified Swiss
Teams represent Portland and Seattle area - players must have association with clubs or local tournaments in Portland or Seattle. Current player list

Entry Fee :   $40   please register and pay your contact by Sept 28th!  
Director :   Michael Baker
Seattle players, email Chris Sjoholm to sign up; Portland players please notify Mike Baker.

Registration Deadline: 9/28. No walk-ins.
Make sure your NASPA membership is up to date.

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Portland, OR

The Portland Club hosts one-day tournaments almost every month. Some are club tournaments (1/3 rated) and others are open-rated (fully rated). Check the Portland Club website for details.

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Local Tournaments | Nearby Tournaments | Other Tournaments | Previous Tournaments

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