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Upcoming Seattle Tournaments

Upcoming One-day Tournaments in Seattle:

Portland-Seattle Interclub Challenge Tournament   :   21 September 2019

Date :   Saturday, September 21st
Check-in :   9:30AM (play starts promptly at 10:00)
Location :   Kit Carson Restaurant*, 107 Interstate Ave, Chehalis, WA 98532 [I-5 exit #76]
*Note: we get the playing room for free, with the understanding that players will purchase a meal at the restaurant.
NO outside food allowed, thanks.

Format :   7 games
Teams :   consist of 28 players each, divided into 4 divisions of 7 players (or as adjusted by the director to keep teams/divisions balanced depending on number of entrants). View Player List
As of Sept 10th, unpaid players are on a waitlist until enough Portland players sign up to even the numbers...

Entry Fee :   $30   (Cash only)   please pay your contact by Sept 18th!  
Director :   Michael Baker
Seattle players, email Rebecca to sign up; Portland players please notify Mike Baker.

You must register and pay by Sept 18th!
Make sure your NASPA membership is up to date.

Nearby Tournaments

Portland, OR

The Portland Club hosts one-day tournaments almost every month. Some are club tournaments (1/3 rated) and others are open-rated (fully rated). Check the Portland Club website for details.

Vancouver, BC   :   10 - 11 August 2019

Vancouver Summer tournament. 14 games. TWL and Collins.
They are also having a 4-game newcomers tournament on the 10th.
See Vancouver Club website for tournament details.

Portland Labor Day Weekend   :   30 August - 2 September 2019

Hotel & Tournament Venue:
        Monarch Hotel and Conference Center, 12566 SE 93rd Ave., Portland/Clackamas, OR 97015

Early Bird: 8 games, August 30th
Main Event: 20 games, August 31 - September 2

Contact: Scott Smith,
Complete details: printable flyer

Lincoln City, OR   :   31 August - 2 September 2019

Evans Clinchy is directing a three-day Collins-only Tournament, the Labor Day Oregon Coast Open (LOCO) at Captain John's Beach House in Lincoln City, OR.
Complete details on the NASPA Tournament Calendar and see who's signed up so far.

Other Tournaments

For a complete list of upcoming tournaments in North America, check one of:

Previous Tournaments

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