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Upcoming Seattle Tournaments

Upcoming One-day Tournaments in Seattle:

  • Saturday 13 May 2017  

    Adam Henderson is our newest apprentice director and will be directing his first tournament on Saturday, May 13th, 2017. Jane Bissonnette will be mentoring Adam through the tournament.

    Details and signup information for the tournament can be found on Adam's Tournament website.
    See who's signed up so far.

Nearby Tournaments

Portland, OR

The Portland Club hosts one-day tournaments almost every month. Some are club tournaments (1/3 rated) and others are open-rated (fully rated). Check the Portland Club website for details.

  • one-day tournament   :   Saturday, February 11th 2017
  • one-day tournament   :   Saturday, March 11th 2017

Vancouver, BC   :   3 - 5 March 2017

8 game Early Bird
14 game Main event
Details at the NASPA calendar

Portland Labor Day Weekend   :   2 - 4 September 2017

... details to come....

Other Tournaments

For a complete list of upcoming tournaments in North America, check one of:

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Local Tournaments | Nearby Tournaments | Other Tournaments | Previous Tournaments

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