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One-Day Tournament: Saturday 26 October 2019


22 players came to the one-day Tournament Saturday October 26th. Four played in the CSW (Collins) division and the other 18 in two NWL divisions.

Adam Henderson organized, directed, and played in the tournament.

Prize Winners:

NWL Div A:

	1st: Ken Clark       150$
	2nd: Gunther Jacobi  125$
	3rd: Alec Sjoholm    100$
	4th: Dan Goodwin      75$
	5th: Zach Ansell      50$

NWL Div B:

	1st: Benjamin Ansell  125$
	2nd: Norman Lemoine    75$
	3rd: Frank Schin       50$
	4th: Midori Howard     25$	


	1st: Chris Grubb     100$
	2nd: David Koenig     50$

See full results, including your new rating on TWL results, Collins results,
or on the NASPA website: TWL Tourney Results   CSW Tourney Results  

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