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Do you have wanderlust? An itch for SCRABBLE® on a business or convention trip? Just eager to see who'd link to here?

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Study Tools & Word Lists

  • Verbalobe - Lots of excellent study tools & articles on approaches to improving your game
  • Quackle - Game analysis tool (you can also play against it)
  • - Word study program by Michael W Thelen
  • Check out our Study Tools Page for more tools and links.

OWL2 Word Lists


Eric Harshbarger's Tile Rack made from LEGO Bricks

Note: tiles and tilebags should be cleaned on a regular basis.

Timers, etc.

Score Sheets

There are lots of different score sheets available, yet some folks get by using just a blank piece of paper. If you want to track tiles or record your racks, having a pre-printed score sheet is a big help. Experiment with different ones, pick one you like, or design your own. Whichever you choose--once you've become accustomed to one design you should see your game improve because tracking and scoring will become second nature.

Tournament Forms

Some forms that Tournament Directors might find useful:

Director Stuff

Software for Directing Tournaments:

Other Links

Letterati: An Unauthorized Look at SCRABBLE and the People Who Play It, by Paul McCarthy


See also: News Page for links to articles about Scrabble, players, etc.


  • [video] 100 Tiles - Short video about competitive Scrabble®
  • [movie] Word Slingers - CBC documentary on Canadian players at the 2001 World Championship in Las Vegas
  • [movie] Scrabylon - award-winning documentary on "the cutthroat world of tournament SCRABBLE®"
  • [movie] Word Wars - Emmy-nominated documentary "Tiles and Tribulations on the SCRABBLE® circuit"
  • [video] Death by Scrabble - Film adaptation of Charlie Fish's story
  • [video] The Big Snit - Animated Short (you can also watch it below)



Other Links about Words

The following links are not specific to SCRABBLE, but are of interest to those who like words.

  • [podcast] The Allusionist - Small Adventures In Language With Helen Zaltzman
  • [podcast] Lexicon Valley - Slate's podcast about language and words
  • [podcast] A Way with Words - A public radio program about language examined through history, culture, and family
  • [podcast] Says You! - Word Game Show

The Big Snit by Richard Condie, National Film Board of Canada

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