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Here is the list of Seattle Club "regulars". This includes everyone who has played at least 12 club games in the current calendar year (the minimum number required for you to show up on the standings), and some folks who maybe haven't played that many games recently but used to attend often. If you don't see your name here, how about showing up next Tuesday? (hint, hint)

View remembrances of our departed players on our Memorial Page.

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[Note: I only have pictures and ISC handles for a few people. If yours doesn't show up below (or you don't like the one I have), please send it to me by e-mail (photos must be a minimum of 120 x 120 pixels). And send me whatever text you want to appear in the note/bio section under your name.]
 Player Name   [isc handle]   Player Bio or Notes
pic of Adam HendersonAdam Henderson   [psyadam]     tournament history

Club Player since 2005. In addition to Scrabble, Adam likes to play video games (RPGs are favorite), post on his livejournal (at, and watch MSNBC politics.
pic of Adam MichelsonAdam Michelson   [spongier]     tournament history

In addition to coming to club, Adam also coordinates the informal Wednesday "meet up" sessions at the Elysian Brewery.
pic of Alec SjoholmAlec Sjoholm   [alecsj]     tournament history

2019 National Scrabble Champion
pic of Ben ColletBen Collet       tournament history

Long-time club member.
pic of Ben HenwoodBen Henwood       tournament history

Joined club in May of 2005, and played first tournament in November of 2006 (vs. Vancouver match). First passion is cycling, logging about 3000 miles a year. Also enjoys photography, chess, and bridge.
pic of Bob JacksonBob Jackson   [bobwax]     tournament history

Has been coming to club for many, many years with his lovely wife Jane. They also play at the Shoreline Senior Center
pic of Chip BrownChip Brown       tournament history

pic of Christina O'SullivanChristina O'Sullivan   [twistjusty]     tournament history

Our Statistician Emerita. First club appearance: June 1996. Started regular club play: August 1996. Shares with Dan Goodwin distinction for playing two triple-triples in one session (January 28, 1997). Only club member to have played in two National Scrabble Championships (U.S. and Canada) in 1998.
pic of Chris GrubbChris Grubb   [quaggas]     tournament history

Club player since 2007. Originally from Eastern Washington. Likes Ingmar Bergman movies. Teaches science and math to high school students. Has played in a few tournaments. Scored 593 in first club game.
pic of Claudia FinnClaudia Finn   [cloudy2k]     tournament history

Though work and travel keep Claudia busy, she makes it in from West Seattle occasionally
pic of Claus GiloiClaus Giloi   [ehrlich]     tournament history

pic of Dan GoodwinDan Goodwin   [verbivore]     tournament history

Alice's son.
pic of Dan HostetlerDan Hostetler   [zaire]  

pic of Daval DavisDaval Davis       tournament history

pic of Dave ZickDave Zick   [umiaqqq]     tournament history

pic of David RubyDavid Ruby   [nwreddish or dadofjos]     tournament history

Club member since mid-2003. I played in my first tournament in Seattle in May 2004, placing 6th in Division 3. I placed 6th in Division 3 in Portland in September 2004 and 8th in Division 3 in Vancouver in March 2005. I have not played in enough tournaments to have a very high rating, but I have learned how to play competitively and look forward to better ratings and having more fun in the future. Thanks to my wife and daughter for patience and support with this hobby. Good luck to my fellow club members, ISC players, and future tournament challengers. And remember, it's just a game, don't let it take over your life!
pic of Dawn Camille WisniewDawn Camille Wisniew   [dawnee]     tournament history

pic of Debbie GoldyDebbie Goldy   [goldylox]     tournament history

Plays on Sundays more than at club, but we hope she'll make the long trip in again some Tuesday.
pic of Dinah BredaDinah Breda    

With husband Uri, a long-time club regular
pic of Don DavisDon Davis    

pic of Dorene CornwellDorene Cornwell    

Long-time club member, but doesn't come much anymore.
pic of Doug KruytDoug Kruyt   [fpihl]     tournament history

Joined the club in November 2005, and by January of 2006 stepped up to take over the weekly stats. He did the stats for over a year and a half, even when he couldn't make it to club. Thanks Doug!
pic of Eileen GruhnEileen Gruhn       tournament history

Long-time club member, but doesn't come much anymore.
pic of Geoff TongueGeoff Tongue   [modestmaus or PikeorPine]     tournament history

Although he lives in Tacoma, Geoff makes it to club occasionally. Travels extensively for tournaments.
pic of George BissonnetteGeorge Bissonnette   [thegimp]     tournament history

In addition to playing the game, George has been making custom (round and folding) boards for a few years now.
pic of Georgianne FioriniGeorgianne Fiorini       tournament history

pic of J. Midori HowardJ. Midori Howard       tournament history

Midori has been playing competitive Scrabble since 1994. Scrabble is one of the top passions in her life; she loves to learn new words which are unusual and strange looking.
pic of Jane BissonnetteJane Bissonnette   [alohagirl]     tournament history

Jane passed the Director's test in 2006 and has been instrumental to the introduction and directing of one-day tournaments in Seattle since Feb 2007.
pic of Jane JacksonJane Jackson   [janeeliz]     tournament history

Has been coming to club for many, many years with her hubby Bob. They also play at the Shoreline Senior Center
pic of Jean BryantJean Bryant       tournament history

pic of Jim RyanJim Ryan       tournament history

pic of Joan ZerzanJoan Zerzan    

pic of Ken ClarkKen Clark   [gr8white]     tournament history

Started playing Scrabble as a wee lad of about 8. Played in my first tourney (and won) in 1979 (Eureka, CA). Have been active in the Seattle club since it was organized in 1985. Have played in many tourneys, won a few. Finished 20th at Nationals in 1988. Maybe best known in Scrabble circles for having devised the "Clark Pairing System" for round-robin pairings, or for having played a 15-letter word ("RECONSIDERATION") in tournament play.
pic of Lynn DreyerLynn Dreyer   [snarf]     tournament history

Started a club in Tacoma, but moved to Seattle to be closer to our club. ;-)
pic of Mark PeltierMark Peltier   [marktime]     tournament history

Mark started club and tourneys in 2005 and has been a regular ever since. Deadhead, video and online and live poker player, retired engineer, and Nigel's dad.
pic of Norm GarvinNorm Garvin       tournament history

pic of Norman LemoineNorman Lemoine   [seascrab10]     tournament history

pic of Rachel ChristensenRachel Christensen   [ditzle]     tournament history

Works in the hospitality industry, as needed, to support her obsessions with Scrabble and Burning Man.
pic of Rebecca SlivkaRebecca Slivka   [slugbiker]     tournament history

Club Director. Began attending club in the spring of 2000, took over as Director (from a grateful Ann Ferguson) in January 2001.
pic of Rob KearnRob Kearn   [mcfrisky]     tournament history

pic of Simon SpicerSimon Spicer       tournament history

pic of Starlite ClarkStarlite Clark       tournament history

Club co-director.
pic of Steven JonesSteven Jones       tournament history

Work and family keep Steven from coming to club as much, but he's still a threat!
pic of Susie Han EstokSusie Han Estok   [piggysue]     tournament history

pic of Tobin LathropTobin Lathrop   [tobin]     tournament history

pic of Tod TaylorTod Taylor   [wordtaylor]     tournament history

Tod had foresaken scrabble for massage therapy ( Earth Touch Bodyworks ), but now he comes back from time to time.
pic of Uri BredaUri Breda    

With wife Dinah, a long-time club regular
pic of Walker WillinghamWalker Willingham   [walkerw]     tournament history

Walker won the Mid-Cities Texas Worlds Qualifying tournament to earn his spot on the US Team at the World Scrabble Championship in Kuala Lumpur in 2003.
pic of William (William ("Billy") Stephenson       tournament history

Scrabble is just a sideline for this rockin' musician.

Chris Schneider left Seattle in September of 2006 for a new job in Denver. Here is a photo (courtesy of George Bissonnette) from a farewell get together for Chris (where, of course we played Scrabble).

Departed Players:

pic of Nancy RoederNancy Roeder       tournament history

Long-time club member.

Read more about Nancy on our Memorial Page
pic of Alice GoodwinAlice Goodwin       tournament history

Dan's mother.

Read more about Alice on our Memorial Page
pic of Ann FergusonAnn Ferguson   [aferg1]     tournament history

Founding Seattle Club Director and Director Emerita.

Read more about Ann on our Memorial Page
pic of Charlene BishopCharlene Bishop       tournament history

(19?? - 2012)
Long-time Seattle Scrabble Club member Charlene Bishop passed away July 26th, 2012.
Charlene was a regular at club and played in the first Seattle tournament in 1988. She was a lively addition to any Scrabble session, and she was instrumental in getting our club meeting space at FareStart Restaurant (next door to the Josephinum). Unfortunately, she was not able to attend club regularly after it moved to the University District, and her health declined.

 Toby Cozens       tournament history

(1928 - 2006)
Long-time Seattle Scrabble Club Treasurer Toby (Thora) Cozens passed away the morning of December 22nd. Toby had been battling brain cancer for months and was able to stay in her own home until the last few weeks (she was assisted in maintaining her independence as long as possible by her very supportive family).

In addition to being the Treasurer of the Seattle Scrabble Club, Toby also recorded game stats for every club session for years, and provided incomparable assistance at every Memorial Day Tournament. Toby also volunteered with several other organizations and libraries.

Toby has been part of the Seattle Club from the very beginning--she became involved initially as the babysitter of club co-founder Mark Oppenheimer. She will be missed.

 Carl Barish       tournament history

Carl Barish (1941? - 2006) played a very sharp SCRABBLE game, and was a regular member of the Seattle Club for over 14 years. He loved to tinker with electronics and radios. Carl designed and sold his own line of digital Scrabble clocks (the 2Timer) that is still in use today at the Seattle Scrabble Club and elsewhere. He was also a member of a local Ham Radio club (his callsign: KC7ZK).

Remembrances on our Memorial Page.

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