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In Memoriam

A page dedicated to Seattle Club members who are gone, but not forgotten.

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Norm Garvin (18 March 1947 - 21 November 2022)

Hilary Johnson playing Norm Garvin, at Seattle tournament 30 January 2011

Norm's tournament history

I know how much he loved the club and has been missing ever since. I hope he plays scrabble in the great unknown... -- Annette Van Der Voort

Scrabble on, Norm Garvin, we'll miss you. -- Claudia Finn

pic of Jane Jackson

Jane Jackson (1928 - 21 August 2021)

Jane's tournament history

Dinah Breda (1934 - 23 December 2020)

Tobin Lathrop (1967 - 2020)

pic of Tobin Lathrop from 2004 NSC in New Orleans

Tobin's tournament history

Also, David Firstman has set up a GoFundMe page to help Christina with a huge pile of medical bills. Please consider pitching in, if you can.

Remembrances of Tobin

Tobin was one of the first people I met when I started coming to club. He really enjoyed the game and it was a pleasure to play with him. -- Rebecca Slivka

I remember Tobin was well-liked by the club, liked everyone in the club and had no qualms about playing blue or white cards. He purely enjoyed playing Scrabble.
Tobin and I have warm happy memories with the Seattle Scrabble club and the friends we made in our Cascadian and occasional National (Canada & US) championship tournaments. -- Christina O'Sullivan

So sad to learn about Tobin. -- Frank Kashuk

I am so very sorry to hear that. I had not kept in contact with him and Christina but remember them fondly. -- Uri Breda

Tobin was such a friendly and happy person. He seemed so comfortable in his own skin. I am very sorry to hear he has passed at such a young age. My sincere condolences to Christina and family. -- Jane Bissonnette

Nancy Roeder (1945 - 2020)

pic of Nancy Roeder

Nancy's tournament history

Remembrances of Nancy

Sorry to hear Nancy has passed. I always looked forward to seeing Nancy at the Club or on Thursday afternoon at the Shoreline Senior Center. Now I'll have to depend on memories of her and the good times we shared to make me smile. I'm glad she was my friend. -- Jane Jackson

So sad to hear this. I was just thinking of her the other day. We shared a birthday and we always got along so well. She will be missed. -- Rachel Grubb

Sorry to hear Nancy has passed. I got a kick out of her. She will be missed. -- George Bissonnette

So sad to hear this! When I lived in town and was a very poor graduate student, Nancy got front row tickets to a show at the Paramount and she invited me. She took me out to a lovely dinner beforehand. -- Hilary King

Obituary (Published in The Seattle Times from Jan. 10 to Jan. 11, 2020):

Nancy Lee Roeder

Nancy Roeder died in Lake Forest, CA, on Sunday January 5, 2020.

Nancy was the second of 4 daughters born to Robert and Eleanor Newman in Akron Ohio. She was born on April 19, 1945. Nancy received a BS in Psychology from the University of Colorado in Boulder and a PhD from Washington University in St. Louis. She was married to Charles Roeder for 50 years, and has one son, Michael Roeder, and two grandchildren, Oliver Roeder and Cosette Roeder, living in Lake Forest, CA.

Nancy enjoyed gardening, playing scrabble and accumulating dishes and glassware. She was dedicated to her two grandchildren, and was a very loyal and loving wife and mother. Nancy is survived by her younger sister, Janet, living in Charlotte, NC, and her husband, son and grandchildren.

An informal memorial service will be held at Evergreen Washelli Funeral Home at 11111 Aurora Ave N, Seattle on Friday, January 17, at 3:00 PM.

Alice Goodwin (1933 - 2019)

Midori Howard and Alice Goodwin playing Scrabble at Mark Peltier's

Alice's tournament history

On the evening of Monday, March 11, 2019, Alice's son Daniel posted the following:

Regarding the years-in-your-life vs life-in-your-years distinction:
My mom came from pretty good stock to cover the first of those.
I'd like to think I was able to keep her spirit of adventure going to cover the second. (see: Peru. Pretty sure they don't see many 80+-year-old travelers at Machu Picchu. NOTE- that trip was with me and wouldn't have happened otherwise so it's an example of something she wouldn't have thought of attempting.)

It's one thing to live 86 years. It's a bit different to ... LIVE... that long.
But today that hit the end of the line, discourtesy of a particularly fast-moving pancreatic cancer. She had been getting around fine just the days before the snows of last month. Her mind was sharp (adjusting for pain effects) until the final weeks if not days.

I don't know if there's any and I sure as anything don't want it to be infinite but...
Her next adventure began today. Fair winds and safe travels.

Remembrances of Alice

She will always hold a bright spot in my heart. I am so sorry to hear about her passing. I know that no one lives forever, but it's tragic nonetheless when we lose people we wish could live forever. I'm so sorry for your loss and all of our loss. -- Rachel Grubb

I have such warm memories of your mother, at the Scrabble Club and just running into you two on the street. Very sorry to hear of her passing. -- Douglas Honig

I'm very sorry to hear this, Daniel. Your mother was one if the first people I played against in a Scrabble tournament, more than 30 years ago. Thanks for writing such a lovely tribute. -- Jeff Parsons

Dan, I am so sorry for your loss. Your mom was an adventurous soul (and a darned good Scrabble player) who accomplished much in her life. She will be missed. -- Lynn Dreyer

Your mom was an amazing person, and I was honored to have her join us on trips all over the world! -- Rich Baker

I am so sorry for your loss and so happy for the wonderful relationship you shared with your mom. I very much enjoyed meeting her and spending time with both of you in Ireland in the summer of 2012. I know you have terrific memories of all the great places you got to visit with her -- Marsha Gillis Daniel

I am so sorry for your loss. Your mom was a wonderful person. -- John Karris

Sorry to hear about this. Your mom was always a joy to be around. My condolences to you and the rest of your family. -- Mike Frentz

Dan, i am praying for you and your loved ones. i am glad you two had each other. i always enjoyed seeing Alice at club and she was always cheerful and ready with a kind word. The Scrabble Universe will miss her. If you ever need anything: like a ride, or help with something, etc., just let me know. -- Robert Kearn

She will be missed. Always enjoyed seeing her at so many tournaments. Glad you both could share so many good times together. I felt the same away about my Mom who passed away just over a year ago - we had lots of trips and fun times together and she was sharp until the end. May you remember the good times. -- David Johnson

So sorry to hear this- I will miss seeing her at Scrabble tournaments. She was always cheerful when we played. I liked hearing about your adventures with her. -- Miriam Gregory

Dan and family, Alice will be sorely missed. So sorry to hear she has left us. -- Jane Bissonnette

Still startled by the news, but it's making me think about what are the things we admire about a person and try to emulate. Alice had a calm poise and determination at every point in a game of Scrabble that perfectly demonstrated that every player can enjoy every play by each player, of every game, whether you win or lose. Alice had perseverance and a ready smile for the quirks of the game. We admired her and we all miss her already. -- Mark Peltier

I remember your wonderful Mom, Daniel. I was so impressed with the good relationship you two had. Clearly you were a great blessing to her to help her live a full life in her senior years. My heart goes out to you at this time of great loss. x -- Lawren Freebody

Daniel, my condolences for your loss. Your mother welcomed Alec and me into Scrabble club, and it was a joy to hear stories of her life and family from her. She is missed. -- Chris Sjoholm

Although we met Alice through Seattle Opera Guild's Parties and Previews, our conversations were often updates on Scrabble Club activities. She obviously enjoyed your group very much. Alice always made new members welcome and helped out at every event. She is missed. -- Mary Ellen Mullen & Bo Woronowicz

Always knew I was in for a battle when I sat down to play Alice! Great competitor and enjoyed her wry wit. We will remember and miss her. -- George Bissonnette

Ann Ferguson (1950 - 2018)

Ann's tournament history

Obituary for Ann Louise Ferguson

Ann Ferguson at Seattle tournament in 2004

Remembrances of Ann

Mom, you have given so much and asked for so little in return. Thank you for always being there for me, for teaching me, listening to me, helping and forgiving me, loving me, and always, always paving the way for me. I will ever strive to live the standards you taught, and become the person you seemed to believe I already was. Until we meet again, my sweet mother. You were simply magnificent. -- Betsy (Ann's daughter)

Ann was a formidable Scrabble opponent and a level head when we needed it. She will be missed. My sincere condolences. -- Jane Bissonnette

Decades ago, Ann Ferguson wanted me to play in my very first tournament way before I felt I was ready to play in tournaments, but she had a lot of confidence in my abilities. Ann always believed in the Best of everyone. -- Midori Howard

Charlene Bishop at Nationals in New Orleans, 2014

Charlene Bishop (19?? - 2012)

Charlene's tournament history

Remembrances of Charlene

Those of us who knew Charlene loved her ready wit, respected her quick intelligence, and enjoyed her company. She has been missed and will be mourned by those of us who shared a game, a chat, or a brew with her. -- Eileen Gruhn

Claudia Bishop (1986 - 2011)

Claudia Bishop

I was just getting to know her and found her a delight. I will miss her! — J. Midori Howard

Toby (Thora) Cozens (1928 - 2006)

Toby's tournament history

Remembrances of Toby

Even though it was expected, this is still very sad news. I have known Toby since the earliest days of the club, and her interest in the workings of the club and her diligence in maintaining the records kept it going. Besides playing and working as treasurer for the club for many years, Toby gave her time to a school library and to the Puget Sound Blood Bank. She always saw the best side of people. I know that a great many people will miss her. -- Ann Ferguson

Toby has been missed on Tuesday evening.
Always gracious, straight-forward with a very welcoming word for newcomers, she is one of the reasons I kept coming back to the club after losing so many games at first.
I remember how she liked to play with the board upside-down. How she'd smile with that twinkle in her eye and joke about almost everything. -- Jane Jackson

Toby was the first person who greeted me on my maiden visit to the a scrabble club. She was friendly and welcoming. She encouraged me to return even though my ego took quite a beating that first year of club. I loved her dry sense of humor. I will miss her. -- Jane Bissonnette

Toby was a big help with the club and the tournaments; it was a great comfort knowing that I could rely on her. I miss having her at club. -- Rebecca Slivka

Carl Barish (1941? - 2006)

Carl's tournament history   Carl's club history

Remembrances of Carl

I'm sad to hear about Carl. Even though I didn't know him very well, he seemed like a real nice guy. I got to play him for the first time at the last session I was at. -- Doug Kruyt

This is soooo sad. I really enjoyed the time I spent with Carl and always looked forward to seeing him. My condolences to all of you. -- P.K. in PDX

I am very sorry to read of Carl's passing. I liked him. -- Christina O'Sullivan

Please send my condolences to Eileen, Midori, and others at the club who I know were close to him. -- Chris Schneider

I'm sorry to hear this. I didn't know Carl well, but he was a good guy. Friendly, curious and willing and able to talk about a wide variety of subjects away from the Scrabble board. -- Mike Baker, Portland

I was very sorry to hear about Carl's passing away. He was a good friend who gave me rides in Seattle several times, and he had also played in our Western Canadian Championship a few years ago. I spoke to him at the Portland tourney just last month. Please pass the deepest condolences of our club and myself to his family. -- Siri Tillekeratne, Calgary

Sorry to hear about Carl--he was a great club member -- Larry Nargi

He always had a ready laugh. You always felt comfortable around him. He was a nice guy. -- J. Midori Howard

I will always fondly remember Carl for commenting about the new word list regarding the word pizzazz - that it had no business being on it! He was a nice man who was always ready to smile or be a friend. -- Lee Ann

It's going to be tough not seeing Carl sit at his usual table at club. He taught me a lot of things about how to play the game, and I always knew it was going to be a good battle when we played. More than just a good Scrabble player, however, he was always sportsmanlike, glad-hearted, and witty. Those are the things I'll miss the most. -- Mike Frentz

Ralph Neubeck (1941 - 2004)

Ralph's tournament history

Jan Prashker (1954 - 2003)

Jan's tournament history

Remembrances of Jan

I will miss Jan - she truly was a sweet, generous person. -- Ann Ferguson

Jim Greenway (1904 - 2001)

Seattle Times Obituary of Jim Greenway

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