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Results: One-Day Tournament, Saturday 11 July 2009

39 players came to the one-day Tournament Saturday July 11th.

Once again Jane Bissonnette directed (and played!), using John Chew's tsh program to do the pairings and results. And once again, Emily Bissonnette did data entry. Thanks also to Eileen Gruhn for helping to secure the venue. George Bissonnette and several others helped with setup and cleanup.   Thanks!

Prize Money

Prize payouts were the same for each division:

First place: $75
Second place: $50
Third place: $30

We also gave out $10 each for High Game and High Loss in each Division. (note: prize payouts are a little smaller than in previous tournaments due to the increased "participation fee" charged by NASPA)

Want to see your new rating?   Check out the NASPA Crosstable

Final Standings

Division A : Final Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
16–1+274Stern, Rafi (A3)W:420-369:A4
25–2+505Wiegand, Dave (A1)W:447-392:A2
35–2+360Goodwin, Daniel (A8)L:371-401:A7
44–3+136Frentz, Mike (A4)L:369-420:A3
53–4-140Williams, Chris (A5)W:431-378:A6
63–4-217Slivka, Rebecca (A7)W:401-371:A8
71–6-336Peltier, Nigel (A2)L:392-447:A1
81–6-582Kramer, Evan (A6)L:378-431:A5

High Game: 546, Frentz, Mike
High Loss: 460, Williams, Chris

Division B : Final Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
16–1+772Grubb, Christopher (B2)W:415-412:B1
25–2+212Hamilton, Ruth (B3)W:380-319:B4
35–2+182Kashuk, Frank (B5)L:361-390:B6
43–4+11Weber, Murray (B8)W:408-360:B7
53–4-434Peltier, Mark (B7)L:360-408:B8
62–5-114Clark, Ken (B1)L:412-415:B2
72–5-294Christensen, Rachel (B6)W:390-361:B5
82–5-335Kornell, Monique (B4)L:319-380:B3

High Game: 564, Grubb, Christopher
High Loss: 446, Weber, Murray

Division C : Final Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
15–2+280Howard, J Midori (C3)W:466-356:C4
24–3-70Verma, Tony (C6)W:441-302:C5
34–3-236Foerstel, David (C8)W:346-296:C7
43–4+176Goodwin, Alice (C1)W:416-353:C2
53–4+125Davis, Daval (C7)L:296-346:C8
63–4+24Bissonnette, Jane (C4)L:356-466:C3
73–4-84Shayne, Lynda (C2)L:353-416:C1
83–4-215Dreyer, Lynn (C5)L:302-441:C6

High Game: 505, Goodwin, Alice
High Loss: 405, Goodwin, Alice

Division D : Final Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
17–0+742Porter, James (D4)W:450-285:D3
25–2+141Burgess, Ryan (D2)W:416-304:D1
34–3+68Bryde, Ted (D5)W:448-354:D6
43–4+86Powell, Karen (D8)W:376-284:D7
53–4+9Balabanov, Yukari (D6)L:354-448:D5
63–4-258Bissonnette, George (D3)L:285-450:D4
72–5-433Gruhn, Eileen (D1)L:304-416:D2
81–6-355Wood, Elizabeth (D7)L:284-376:D8

High Game: 560, Porter, James
High Loss: 386, Wood, Elizabeth

Division E : Final Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
16–1+396Lin, Ellen (E6)W:359-286:E5
26–1+354Fields, Richard (E3)W:375-331:E4
35–2+409Wisniew, Dawn Camille (E1)W:365-302:E2
44–3+110Fiorini, Georgianne (E2)L:302-365:E1
53–4-8Gudlaugson, Sunshine (E4)L:331-375:E3
63–4-50Garvin, Norm (E5)L:286-359:E6
71–6-861Virdell, Terry (E8)W:50-0:E7

High Game: 457, Wisniew, Dawn Camille
High Loss: 372, Fiorini, Georgianne

This report was generated by tsh version 3.280. For more information about tsh, please contact John Chew.

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