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One-Day Tournament: Saturday 30 November 2019


This was Chris Sjoholm's debut as a tournament director (Adam Henderson was his mentor and was also playing in the tournament).

Tournament report from Chris (prizes below):

Prize Winners:

Here are today's winners:
High word, division B: Midori, "BONESET", 93
High word, division A: Alec, "AIRBUSES", 149; Michael Baker, "SPREADER", 149
High win, division B: Adam, 469
High win, division A: Gunther, 572
High loss, division B: Yukari, 463 (in the game against Adam!)
High loss, division A: Alec, 426 (that was in round 6 - until that round, 
nobody in division A had a 400 point loss!)

Division A had 6 players, and I awarded first and second place prizes.
1st place: Alec, 5-1, +495
2nd place: Michael, 4-2, +153
Through four rounds, Alec was 4-0, and Rafi and Gunther were both 3-1 - and that 
group was undefeated against everyone else.  Then Rafi lost to Alec and Gunther 
lost to Michael in round 5; and in the King of the Hill round, Michael beat 
Gunther again, and Richard Stein beat Rafi to completely upend the standings.

Division B had 7 players, and I awarded first through third prize.
1st place: Midori, 5-1, +317
2nd place: Adam, 5-1, +251
3rd place: George, 4-2, +45
All three of the top finishers were 4-1 going into the King of the Hill round, 
so any of them could have won.  Adam, in the third position, had a big win, 
but it wasn't big enough to catch Midori, who held off George in their final match.

Thank you to everyone who came, and especially to Adam and the other directors 
who helped keep me straight, and to those who traveled from Portland and Vancouver.  
I couldn't have asked for a better first go at this!

- Chris


In Division A:
Prize pool: $102 + $5 sponsorship
First place: Alec Sjoholm, $56
Second place: Michael Baker, $36
High word: Alec & Michael, $2.50 each
High game: Gunther Jacobi, $5
High Loss: Alec, $5

In Division B:
Prize pool: $119 + $5 sponsorship
First place: Midori Howard, $54
Second place: Adam Henderson, $35
Third place: George Bissonnette, $20
High word: Midori, $5
High game: Adam, $5
High loss: Yukari, $5 (She lost to Adam 469-463 in Adam's high game)

The prize pool was $17 out of everyone's $20 entry fee, with the remainder going to processing fees.

See full results, including your new rating on or on the NASPA website.

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