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One-Day Tournament: Saturday 26 May 2018


22 players came to the one-day Tournament Saturday May 26th.

Adam Henderson organized, directed, and played!, using Marc Levesque's Director! program to do the pairings and results.

Prize Winners:

Div. 1

1st: Chris Williams      $175 
2nd: Chris Grubb         $130 
3rd: Ken Clark           $100 
4th: Murray Weber         $70 
5th: Lynn Dryer           $50 
6th: Dan Goodwin          $30 

Div. 2

1st: Claudia Finn        $125 
2nd: Chris Sjoholm       $100 
3rd: Norman Lemoine       $50 
4th: Carl Warner          $25 

See full results, including your new rating at or on the NASPA cross-table.

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