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Portland vs. Seattle Interclub Tournament: Saturday 24 September 2016


Once again, Seattle and Portland players trekked to the Kit Carson restaurant just off I-5 at exit 76 for the annual interclub challenge. Rebecca Slivka helped with registration and organization, and Lynn Dreyer directed and played. Thanks also to Michael Baker for data entry and shepherding the Portland team.

Thanks go to Marc Levesque's Director! program to do the pairings and results, and Cross-tables for maintaining the player entrant list.

Final Standings and Prize Winners:

   Name	             Prize              Award	  Details
Division A

Koehler, Kolton	   1st in Division     $150.00	Wins: 7 Spread: 789
Johnson, Dave	   2nd in Division      $85.00	Wins: 7 Spread: 683
Peltier, Nigel	   3rd in Division      $50.00	Wins: 5 Spread: 386
Peltier, Nigel	   High Division Win    $15.00	572-325 vs Sjoholm, Alec (Round 7)

Division B

Hamilton, Ruth	   1st in Division     $150.00	Wins: 5 Spread: 396
Dupont, Charles	   2nd in Division      $85.00	Wins: 5 Spread: 297
Kern, Robert	   3rd in Division      $50.00	Wins: 5 Spread: 106
Henderson, Adam	   High Division Win    $15.00	533-353 vs Mayer, Alan (Round 2)

Division C

Sjoholm, Chris	   1st in Division     $150.00	Wins: 7 Spread: 421
Manson, Joanne	   2nd in Division      $85.00	Wins: 5 Spread: 363
Wood, Elizabeth	   3rd in Division      $50.00	Wins: 5 Spread: 284
Wood, Elizabeth	   High Division Win    $15.00	478-356 vs Fiorini, Georgianne (Round 1)

See full results, including your new rating at   NASPA website, or at

Team Results

Portland dominated in this tournament, except for the middle division - which was a tie. Congratulations to Chris Sjoholm for going undefeated in division C! Congrats also to Rob Kearn for placing third and to Adam Henderson for high game in the middle division.

In Division A, Portland won 29.5 games, Seattle won 12.5 games.
In Division B, Portland won 21 games and Seattle won 21 games.
In Division C, Portland won 28 games and Seattle won 14 games.

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