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2010 Vancouver-Seattle Interclub Challenge Dec 4th

A cadre of Vancouver Club players and directors organized the fifth (annual) Vancouver-Seattle Interclub Challenge Tournament in Bellingham on Saturday December 4th. Once again, Erika Werdal scored space for us at the St. Joseph Hospital complex, while Miriam Gregory and Evan Kramer organized things ahead of time for the Vancouver team, and Rebecca Slivka rounded up the Seattle players.

At the tournament, Val Gallant took director calls while Lam Tang and Chris Williams assisted Miriam Gregory's son with the pairings and data entry.

8 games were played (RR + Swiss + final King-of-the-Hill) between players on opposing teams (except that Georgianne Fiorini and Hilary Johnson played on the Vancouver side to make things even--their games did not count towards the team total).

Tournament Results

  • (s) = Seattle Team
  • (v) = Vancouver Team
  • (s*) = Seattle Player playing for the Vancouver side for pairing purposes (games involving them did not count for team totals.)
Chris Grubb holding the trophy (with his envelope of prize winnings in his pocket)

Division A:

1  7    +868 Chris Grubb (A7) (s)     $120 + $20 high win
2  5.5  +237 Dean Saldanha (A1) (v)    $80
3  5    +252 Evan Kramer (A2) (v)      $50
4  5    -207 Reuvena Ross (A6) (v) 
5  4    +251 Daniel Goodwin (A8) (s) 
6  4    -165 Tom Bond (A11) (s)
7  3.5   -53 Rebecca Slivka (A12) (s) 
8  3.5  -270 Ken Clark (A10) (s)
9  3     +49 Kevin Lee (A4) (v) 
10 3    -295 Geoff Tongue (A9) (s) 
11 3    -297 Chris Williams (A3)(v) 
12 1.5  -370 Chris Tallman (A5) (v)    $20 high loss

   Div A: Seattle 25, Vancouver 23
Division B
1  6.5   +523 Mark Peltier (B8) (s)       $120
2  5     +126 Judy Smith (B2) (v)          $80 + $20 high win
3  5      +48 Lilia Murnane (B4) (v)       $60 
4  5 3   -144 Georgianne Fiorini (B7) (s*) $40
5  4.5   -230 Tony Verma (B1) (v) 
6  4     +481 Daval Davis (B9) (v)         $20 high loss
7  4     +300 Lynn Dreyer (B12) (s) 
8  4      +87 George Bissonnette (B13) (s) 
9  4      +77 Alice Goodwin (B11) (s) 
10 4      -91 Edward Walton (B3) (v) 
11 3     +163 Jane Bissonnette (B10) (s) 
12 3     -440 Hilary Johnson (B6) (s*) 
13 2     -420 Shane Pratt (B5) (v)
14 2     -480 Dawn Camille Wisniew (B14) (s) 
   Div B: Seattle 19.5, Vancouver 20.5

Special Theme ("War & Peace") Prize: BARRAGED by Tony Verma  $20

  Seattle:  44.5
Vancouver:  43.5

Crosstables from WGPO

Your new WGPO ratings can be found on the WGPO Tournament Crosstable.


The image below shows many of the Seattle Team members, with Div A winner Chris Grubb holding the new team challenge trophy (Erika Werdal created a new incarnation of the trophy to replace the original relic).

Seattle Team

From left to right: Daval Davis, Ken Clark, Mark Peltier, Chris Grubb, Dan Goodwin, Hilary Johnson, Geoff Tongue, and Lynn Dreyer.

Photos below courtesy of Seattle Club member George Bissonnette. Thanks George!
Evan Kramer and Ken Clark Dan Goodwin v. Kevin Lee and Chris Williams v. Tom Bond Chris Grubb and Reuvena Ross Dean Saldanha and Rebecca Slivka

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