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One-Day Tournament: Saturday 18 April 2015


26 players came to the one-day Tournament Saturday April 18th.

Jane Bissonnette organized everything, and directed, and played!, (with the help Lynn's son Aaron who did most of the data entry), using Marc Levesque's Director! program to do the pairings and results.

Thanks to George Bissonnette and others who helped with setup and cleanup. And thanks to Carl Warner for agreeing to play at the last minute so we would be even.

Prize Winners:

Division A* 

Jacobi, Gunther      1st in Division    $90.00   Wins: 7     Spread: 355 
Williams, Chris      2nd in Division    $50.00   Wins: 5.5   Spread: 468 
Sjoholm, Alec        3rd in Division    $30.00   Wins: 5     Spread: 70 
Goodwin, Daniel      4th in Division    $20.00   Wins: 4.5   Spread: 171 
Taylor, Tod          High Division Win  $10.00   530-373 vs Sjoholm, Alec (Round 1) 
Division B 

Henderson, Adam      1st in Division     $80.00   Wins: 7    Spread: 500 
Warner, Carl         2nd in Division     $40.00   Wins: 5    Spread: 21 
Rossi, Mimmo         3rd in Division     $20.00   Wins: 4    Spread: 324 
Rossi, Mimmo         High Division Win   $10.00   522-322 vs Howard, J Midori (Round 4) 
Division C 

Dreyer, Lynn       1st in Division    $80.00   Wins: 6    Spread: 577 
Cohen, Jacob       2nd in Division    $40.00   Wins: 6    Spread: 311 
Finn, Claudia      3rd in Division    $20.00   Wins: 5    Spread: 648 
Finn, Claudia      High Division Win  $10.00   536-182 vs Mahnken, Evan (Round 7) 

*Prizes for Division A are slightly greater than the other divisions because 
there were 10 players in that division and just eight in each of the others.

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