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One-Day Tournament: Saturday 26 June 2010

Mike Frentz at data entry computer


26 players came to the one-day Tournament Saturday June 26th.

Jane Bissonnette organized everything, and Mike Frentz directed and did all the data entry, using John Chew's tsh program to do the pairings and results.
Thanks also to Eileen Gruhn for helping to secure the venue. Several others helped with setup and cleanup. Thanks!

Did you leave a brown jacket behind? Jane has it.

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Division A Final Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
17–1+886Chris Grubb (A1)W:404-358:A5
25–3-32Rachel Christensen (A5)L:358-404:A1
34–4+313James Porter (A4)L:385-423:A2
44–4-17Rebecca Slivka (A2)W:423-385:A4
54–4-266Ruth Hamilton (A3)W:375-320:A7
63–5-41J Midori Howard (A6)W:459-404:A8
73–5-389Valerie Gallant (A7)L:320-375:A3
82–6-454Jesse Wornum (A8)L:404-459:A6
Division One: Chris Grubb v. Jim Porter, Ruth Hamilton v. Jesse Wornum, et al.

Division B Final Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
16–2+483Aditya Kini (B4)W:477-378:B3
25–3+321Matthew Nelson (B3)L:378-477:B4
35–3+173Jane Bissonnette (B2)L:350-390:B5
45–3-44Daval Davis (B5)W:390-350:B2
54–4+171Lynn Dreyer (B6)W:356-332:B8
63–5-569Elizabeth Wood (B8)L:332-356:B6
72–6-17Miriam Gregory (B1)L:334-407:B7
82–6-518George Bissonnette (B7)W:407-334:B1

Division C Final Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
16–2+513Kolton Koehler (C2)W:451-265:C9
26–2+491Gunther Jacobi (C1)W:348-332:C6
35½–2½+355Tyler Creviston (C6)L:332-348:C1
45–3-245Norm Garvin (C8)W:327-326:C5
54–4-26Hilary Johnson (C9)L:265-451:C2
63½–4½-49Dawn Camille Wisniew (C5)L:326-327:C8
73–5-51Richard Fields (C3)W:336-331:C4
83–5-389Byron Nelson (C7)W:401-346:C10
92–6-152Patty Johnson (C4)L:331-336:C3
102–6-447Michelle Bailie (C10)L:346-401:C7
Division Three: Michelle Bailie v. Patty Johnson, Matthew Nelson observing his father Byron v. Tyler Creviston, et al.

Prize Money

1Division a Rank: 1st$70Chris Grubb (A1) 7-1 +886
2Division a Rank: 2nd$50Rachel Christensen (A5) 5-3 -32
3Division a Rank: 3rd$25James Porter (A4) 4-4 +313
4Division a High Win$10Chris Grubb (A1) 611-303 vs. Rachel Christensen (A5)
5Division a High Loss$10Rebecca Slivka (A2) 428-430 vs. Ruth Hamilton (A3)
6Division b Rank: 1st$70Aditya Kini (B4) 6-2 +483
7Division b Rank: 2nd$50Matthew Nelson (B3) 5-3 +321
8Division b Rank: 3rd$25Jane Bissonnette (B2) 5-3 +173
9Division b High Win$10Miriam Gregory (B1) 503-300 vs. George Bissonnette (B7)
10Division b High Loss$10George Bissonnette (B7) 389-401 vs. Jane Bissonnette (B2)
11Division c Rank: 1st$75Kolton Koehler (C2) 6-2 +513
12Division c Rank: 2nd$50Gunther Jacobi (C1) 6-2 +491
13Division c Rank: 3rd$25Tyler Creviston (C6) 5.5-2.5 +355
14Division c Rank: 4th$15Norm Garvin (C8) 5-3 -245
15Division c High Win$10Gunther Jacobi (C1) 484-244 vs. Byron Nelson (C7)
16Division c High Loss$10Gunther Jacobi (C1) 396-397 vs. Norm Garvin (C8)
17Best World Cup word$10Aditya Kini : GOALIES

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