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Vancouver-Seattle Team Challenge : Sat December 4th

Announcing a team challenge tournament!

Date & Time:

Saturday December 4th, 2010
Check in at 9:30am
Play begins promptly at 10:00 AM  

Val Gallant will be directing. Vancouver players should Contact Miriam Gregory to sign up; Seattle players should contact Rebecca Slivka.


    St. Luke's Health Education Center
        (same place it was in 2007)
    3333 Squalicum Pkwy
    Bellingham, WA
    Directions: I-5, Exit 255, West on Sunset Dr, Right on Ellis St, Right on Squalicum Pkwy, parking lot at street end

By the Numbers:

How many games?  8 games (every player will face each of the opposing team's players from the same division,
How many players?  No limit. Teams consist of players each from Vancouver and Seattle, divided into divisions of 8 players.
How much to play?   US$30 Cash only!
When to sign up?   deadline 5pm, Thursday December 2nd - the last day to register or cancel!

Each player will play the opposing team's player from the same division. The entrant's published NASAPA/WGPO rating as of December 1st, 2010 will determine placement (director's discretion - unrated players and division placement due to less than full divisions).

This tournament will be sanctioned and rated by WGPO (Word Game Players Organization) not NASPA, so no NASPA membership is required.

(see News for more on NASPA v. WGPO sanctioning)

We strongly advise new players to play at a local SCRABBLE® Club before entering a tournament. Remember to bring your own board, racks, tiles, clock & score sheets.

Who's Signed Up

Seattle: 15
Vancouver: 13

We need at least 2 more Vancouver players. Sign up already!

Registered players:

Chris Grubb 1826     Seattle Team
Daniel Goodwin 1778     Seattle Team
Geoff Tongue 1694     Seattle Team
Ken Clark 1684     Seattle Team
Tom Bond 1665     Seattle Team
Rebecca Slivka 1585     Seattle Team
Mark Peltier 1468     Seattle Team
Daval Davis 1319     Seattle Team
Jane Bissonnette 1227     Seattle Team
Alice Goodwin 1223     Seattle Team
Lynn Dreyer 1159     Seattle Team
George Bissonnette 1079     Seattle Team
Hilary Johnson 842     Seattle Team
Georgianne Fiorini 834     Seattle Team
Dawn Camille Wisniew 824     Seattle Team
Dean Saldanha 1889     Vancouver Team
Evan Kramer 1755     Vancouver Team
Chris Williams 1735     Vancouver Team
Kevin Lee 1576     Vancouver Team
Chris Tallman 1544     Vancouver Team
Tony Verma 1310     Vancouver Team
Reuvena Ross 1310     Vancouver Team
Erika Werdal 1275     Vancouver Team
Judy Smith 1229     Vancouver Team
Edward Walton 1199     Vancouver Team
Lilia Murnane 1011     Vancouver Team
Shane Pratt 900     Vancouver Team
Vern Giesbrecht 769     Vancouver Team

†Not paid yet (only accurate for Seattle team; Vancouver players may have paid already)


Vancouver players should Contact Miriam Gregory to sign up; Seattle players should contact Rebecca Slivka.

Seattle Team players, to confirm your registration, you must make your CASH payment of US$30 to club director Rebecca Slivka.

Please try to get your entry fee to Rebecca before the tournament, but if you are not able to pay before the event, you can bring cash to the venue--but ONLY IF you contact Rebecca ahead of time and let her know that's what you are planning ( and you must bring cash and exact change only!)

Use the form below to register:

Online Registration:

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Name: * EXACTLY as listed with NASPA or WGPO
Street Address:
ZIP/Postal Code:
Mobile Phone: [day of tournament contact number]
Team: Seattle     Vancouver
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I am a human: (type the NAME of the game we play)

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