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One-Day Tournament: Saturday 23 January 2010


40 players came to the one-day Tournament Saturday January 23rd.

Jane Bissonnette directed (and played!), using John Chew's tsh program to do the pairings and results.
Once again, Emily Bissonnette did data entry. Thanks also to Eileen Gruhn for helping to secure the venue. Several others helped with setup and cleanup. And many folks brought food to share   Thanks!

Fund Raising

This tournament was also our fund-raiser for the Page Ahead Children's Literacy Program ($10.00 of each entry fee goes to them). The total raised was $400.

Prize Money

Prize payouts were the same for each division:

First place: $75
Second place: $50
Third place: $25

We also gave out $10 each for High Win and High Loss in each Division.

Want to see your new rating?   Check out the NASPA Crosstable

Division A Final Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
16–2+605Dave Johnson (A2)W:455-327:A5
26–2+378Chris Grubb (A5)L:327-455:A2
36–2+341Daniel Goodwin (A6)W:484-416:A7
44–4+112Rebecca Slivka (A7)L:416-484:A6
54–4-161Chris Williams (A4)W:492-417:A1
62–6-363Merrill Kaitz (A3)W:408-372:A8
72–6-405Mike Frentz (A1)L:417-492:A4
82–6-507Michelle Eisele (A8)L:372-408:A3

High Game: 550, Dave Johnson
High Loss: 444, Dave Johnson

Division B Final Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
16–2+482Frank Kashuk (B2)W:413-343:B4
26–2+358Rachel Christensen (B4)L:343-413:B2
34½–3½+110Ruth Hamilton (B1)L:415-427:B3
44–4-54Tony Rankin (B3)W:427-415:B1
54–4-65J Midori Howard (B5)W:395-308:B8
63½–4½-100Lynda Shayne (B6)W:400-345:B7
73–5-369Tony Verma (B8)L:308-395:B5
81–7-362Judy Smith (B7)L:345-400:B6

High Game: 522, Frank Kashuk
High Loss: 415, Ruth Hamilton

Division C Final Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
16–2+297David Foerstel (C2)L:355-390:C6
26–2+185Jane Bissonnette (C6)W:390-355:C2
36–2+55Ronak Singhal (C5)W:392-359:C8
44–4-22Ryan Burgess (C4)W:414-379:C1
53–5+87Lynn Dreyer (C8)L:359-392:C5
63–5-106Alice Goodwin (C1)L:379-414:C4
73–5-111Aditya Kini (C3)W:378-303:C7
81–7-385Matt Ross (C7)L:303-378:C3

High Game: 498, Aditya Kini
High Loss: 419, Ryan Burgess

Division D Final Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
17–1+653Adam Henderson (D6)W:434-396:D1
26–2+152George Bissonnette (D3)W:376-354:D4
35–3+341Eileen Gruhn (D1)L:396-434:D6
45–3+244Matthew Nelson (D4)L:354-376:D3
53–5-184Nancy Roeder (D8)W:364-340:D5
62–6-199Ted Bryde (D2)W:398-337:D7
72–6-213Tim Fish (D5)L:340-364:D8
82–6-794Starlite A Clark (D7)L:337-398:D2

High Game: 511, Adam Henderson
High Loss: 397, Ted Bryde

Division E Final Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
16–2+473Hilary Johnson (E5)L:298-380:E4
26–2+402Tyler Creviston (E4)W:380-298:E5
35–3+311Dawn Camille Wisniew (E1)W:389-273:E3
45–3-128Patty Johnson (E2)W:389-270:E8
54–4+210Byron Nelson (E3)L:273-389:E1
63–5-363Whitney Golob (E8)L:270-389:E2
72–6-246Patrick Holm (E7)W:365-274:E6
81–7-659Kate Russell (E6)L:274-365:E7

High Game: 473, Hilary Johnson
High Loss: 394, Dawn Camille Wisniew

This report was generated using tsh version 3.310. For more information about tsh, please contact John Chew.

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