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One-Day Tournament: Saturday 28 June 2014


30 players came to the one-day Tournament Saturday June 28th. This was the last one-day tournament of the year. Jane Bissonnette has announced she will be directing more one-day tournaments, starting next year. Thanks to everyone who helped with setup and clean up, especially George Bissonnette. Great job, you guys!

Out-of-towners swept the top spots in all divisions, but a few Seattle players came in the money. Daval Davis placed second in Division C, Georgianne Fiorini placed second in Division D, and Ann Ferguson got third in Division B and George Bissonnette finished third in Division C. Tom Bond, Daval Davis, and Norm Garvin also won for high play in their respective divisions. Norm also won a prize for the best extension.

Once again, Jane Bissonnette organized everything, and directed, and played!, with Lynn Dreyer's son Charlie doing most of the data entry. They used Marc Levesque's Director! program to do the pairings and results, Michael Thelen's Zyzzyva for word judging, and Cross-tables for maintaining the player entrant list.

Donations were made to Cross-tables, Zyzzyva, and Director! from the tournament proceeds in grateful appreciation for their use.

Prize Winners:

  Name	                  Prize	      Award	      Details

Division A 

Wiegand, Dave             1st in Division $80    Wins: 6 Spread: 465 
Bassett-Bouchard, Conrad  2nd in Division $35    Wins: 5 Spread: 295 
Walton, Noah              3rd in Division $20    Wins: 5 Spread: 114 
High Play was REIGNITE for 122 points by Chris Williams $10

Division B 

Jacobi, Gunther           1st in Division $80    Wins: 6 Spread: 679 
Weber, Murray             2nd in Division $35    Wins: 5 Spread: 342 
Ferguson, Ann             3rd in Division $20    Wins: 5 Spread: 166 
High Play was DELATOR for 122 points by Tom Bond $10

Division C 

Gregory, Miriam           1st in Division $80    Wins: 6 Spread: 246 
Davis, Daval              2nd in Division $35    Wins: 6 Spread: 104 
Bissonnette, George       3rd in Division $20    Wins: 5 Spread: 283 
High Play was KERATIN for 92 points by Daval Davis $10

Division D 

Verma, Tony               1st in Division $80    Wins: 5 Spread: 362 
Fiorini, Georgianne       2nd in Division $30    Wins: 5 Spread: 224 
Shelp, June               3rd in Division $10    Wins: 5 Spread: -165 
High Play was DECREASED or DANDIES for 92 points both played by Norm Garvin $10

Winner of the Scrabble magnets for the best extension was Norm Garvin for DEC[RE]ASED.

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