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Howdy folks! The purpose of this page is to give you some (non-Scrabble) recommendations of things to explore, entertain, educate, or otherwise divert you from covid-19 while you are practicing social distancing to protect yourself and others.

Feel free to link to this page. Please send any comments/corrections/recommendations to the Director.


Math and Science

  • Mark Rober - cool fun and science-y videos from a former NASA engineer
  • Numberphile - tons and tons of math videos
  • Physics Girl - videos about the physical sciences with experiments, demonstrations, and cool new discoveries.
  • Sky at a Glance - weekly forecast for what you can see in the night sky
  • Spot the Station - find out when you can see the International Space Station pass overhead - no equipment required
  • ISS Live stream - Live stream from the International Space Station


Nature and Animals

Game and Quiz Shows

Many of the shows below are on youtube, so I've linked to one of the places you can find them (often these are uploaded by different folks, so not all seasons are in the same place). If you like the show, you can search and find more seasons.

Games and Quizzes you can play

Most of these are free, but some cost money.


  • Samantha Bee - videos from the irrepressibly funny Sam Bee



Do Some Good

There are lots of ways you can help. The organizations listed below are just a start:


Do your part to support local and independent businesses. Many restaurants are still providing food for take-out or delivery, and you can also help them by purchasing a gift certificate - so they get the money now but you don't have to use it until much later.


If you still need to check in on reality, visit out our COVID-19 page for much more info, science, links, etc. Here are a few good sites:

Makers | Science and Math | Food | Nature and Animals | Game Shows | Games and Quizzes | Podcasts | Other | DO SOME GOOD

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